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Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Bathrooms designed by Era Design Construction represent a space where you can unwind and find a sense of peace and tranquility. Using subdued lighting, beautifully laid tiles, and contemporary fixtures, we create modernized bathrooms to complement your lifestyle.

Bathroom design by our new build and remodel artists are exquisitely executed where you can find lasting comfort. If you wish to give your existing bathroom a fresh look or design a high-end space, Era Design Construction is here to provide the expertise and skill needed to recreate your new bathroom.

We present a variety of fittings, finishes, and styles to inspire you in your new bathroom, remodel. Our focus is always on the value we can offer our clients through careful redesign and renovations. From the finest flooring selection to freestanding bathtubs and crystal clear showers, you can rely on the creativity and the unmatched expertise the bathroom designers at Era Design Construction can provide.

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Fully Custom Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Whatever your style and preference, we are experts in designing and building a classic, contemporary, and rather extraordinary bathroom cabinetry. The bathroom vanity is an important feature offering decorative appeal and essential storage. Today’s vanities are designed to maximize both form and function. Take advantage of a single basin or double vanity, depending on your storage and usage requirements.

The fully customized bathroom vanity is sleek, it is durable, and it is all about performance. At Era Design Construction, we believe in designing and installing customized vanities. Our designers can create a standard cabinet or a contemporary vanity that maximizes storage and instantly enhances the space. As a piece of valuable bathroom furniture, do not compromise the style and form of your next vanity. We are here to bring your design goals to life.

If there is a corner in your bathroom that is unused and more of an eyesore than a space saver, why not install a beautiful custom cabinet? Era Design Construction possesses a bathroom cabinet design team specializing in flawless finishes and modern styles of bathroom vanities and cabinets. We use high-quality materials, including moisture-resistant properties, to ensure your newly installed cabinet or vanity stands the test of time. Please consult with our outstanding artists for impeccable design services.

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