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Home is where our heart is, and the heart is where it feels inspired; the entire body experiences soothing overtures, and the mind is calm and relaxed. Thus, your home needs to have the perfect blend of all materialistic and aesthetic elements that liberate your mind and body from the frenzied environment of the outdoors. Get the elements rightly synched with your aspirations by choosing to work with the best in residential construction companies in Miami. 


The choices that we make today determine how we will live and grow in the future. Your home is where you look forward to rejuvenating, spend time in leisure, work, get physically resilient and tough, spend hours looking into nothingness or optimize on time for a better tomorrow. Whichever mood you are in, the beauty of your home lies not in decking it up with extravagant earthly objects, but in the simple designs that are pleasing to the eye.


Era Design Construction is one of the leading residential contractors in Miami with many residential and commercial projects to its name. We believe in creating inspirational places that are sustainable, with an artistic approach and enhancements. 


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ERA Design Construction – translating hundreds of dreams into reality

Choose Era Design Construction as you residential construction company in Miami for:

· We come on board as your trusted partner with the commitment to convert your ideas of inspirational living into a reality.

· We ensure that the newly constructed and renovated place is worth all your dreams and aspirations. 

· We follow a professionally accepted methodology starting from interpreting your ideas to implementing them in real life.

· We have years of experience behind us, but, more importantly, we work as your extended arm to translate the space into a zone of luxurious living.

· We have delivered numerous residential and commercial projects in and around Miami that eloquently display our par excellence skills, tastes, and acumen.

As a homeowner, it is natural to dream that your house will be an extension of your personality and beliefs. Out of many residential construction companies in Miami, you can put your trust in Era Design Construction, we believe that the core focus of our business is our customers. This is why we do not simply hand over readymade concepts and ideas to our dear clients –our expertise lies in serving you precisely what you have in mind. Call us today to receive a complimentary consultation.

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