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Contemporary & classic Kitchens with Premium Design

The kitchen is a unique and prominent place in the home. From family gatherings and entertaining guests to preparing delectable dishes, your kitchen should be a charming and inviting space that is beautiful too. As we spend so much of our time in the kitchen, shouldn’t we invest in its impeccable and valuable design? With Era Design Construction as your partner, we bring Miami’s finest home designers to the fore. As every kitchen design is unique, our goal is to inspire and work with you to bring your vision for the perfect space to light.

Our kitchen design services include the redesign and remodel of outdated spaces, new kitchen builds, customized carpentry and fitted cabinets, a premium selection of countertops, and finishes with incredible finesse. The design process begins with a professional assessment of the space, its dimensions, and your purpose. Our team of kitchen design artists will develop an impeccable design plan representing the warmth, the character, and the high end builds you envision.

As luxury kitchen designers in Miami, we specialize in finely crafted cabinetry. We believe that high-quality cabinets with stylish finishes to complement your design theme, add extraordinary value, and spectacular visual appeal. What makes our kitchen design process so highly sought-after is our ability to select quality materials with installations that represent your vision and satisfy your needs.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Invest in High End and Fully Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a space for family, but it is also a space for contemporary design and functionality. Kitchens are also one part of the home that adds immense property resale value. At Era Design Construction, we specialize in customized cabinets for your new kitchen contributing to the aesthetic appeal and the luxuriousness it can provide.

Tailored cabinetry is the fastest way to increase the value of your home. Our kitchen designers and specialized carpenters create beautiful cabinetry, adding storage, and a seamless finish. The install of contemporary cabinets in a pure white finish or stunning cherry wood serves as an impeccable backdrop while offering a secure placement for complementary appliances.

Our modern approach to kitchen cabinets ensures your new installation serves as an investment and a seamless enhancement. Kitchen cabinets are more than just furniture. It is an essential feature and d├ęcor that adds personality and character to your new kitchen. Allow our design team to create and beautify your new kitchen with customized, stylish, and lasting cabinets.

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